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Unhappy Challenger down w/ fatalities at KASE

Here's the LAT report.

And this from the Citation Jet Pilots forum --

The ATC tape is chilling and very enlightening -- unfortunately I can't upload the attachment as our website is giving an error message that the maximum file size is 30 bytes which is obviously a configuration problem that someone might want to correct. If you go to you can pull up the recording for KASE 1900z-1930z which has everything on it.

This was the METAR:

KASE 051853Z 31009G28KT 270V360 9SM HZ FEW035 BKN046 OVC050 M11/M20 A3007 RMK AO2 PK WND 33028/1851 SLP243 T11111200 $

They continued to land runway 15. A Learjet 505BC a couple arrivals prior stated to tower that he had to make S turns to slow down to land and then was told by the tower "unsafe approach" and to break off his approach and make a visual circle back to 15. A few minutes before 115WF came in a pilot reported wind shear gain of 20 knots on final. At 11:20 in to the recording 115WF has been cleared for the LOC/DME and executes a missed approach stating "we have a 33 knot tailwind". At 18:00 115WF returns to tower after being set up again on the approach and is cleared to land with 330@16G25. The accident occurs around 22:00.

US registered aircraft but non-US crew and it had very little flight activity last six months in the US. Eyewitness statements that aircraft landed long, bounced and flipped upside down.

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