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As many of you noticed, TAF was recently spammed by an individual or group of individuals intent solely on disrupting and corrupting the experience of TAF's members.

I apologize for being unable to act earlier, but I was ill yesterday and unable to spend significant time on TAF. In the last hour I have banned all of the offensive users and permanently deleted their posts.

The nature of the spam suggests that the offender was not using an automated system but posting manually. With this in mind, it is not improbable that he/she/them will return and attempt to continue abusing the forum.

I ask that all members be alert and, should they see any suspicious activity, alert me via private message ASAP. I will be checking on the forum frequently throughout the day.

This abusive behavior has led me to several conclusions, one being that, given TAF's substantial growth, new, capable moderators are necessary. I am leaving the country on an extended trip next week, and a capable moderation team will be all the more imperative then. I will spend the next few days searching for the appropriate candidates and will brief them by phone early next week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I apologize for this unfortunate series of events.

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