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  1. Leaked IAEA Report Shows Iran Is Seeking A Nuclear Weapon
  2. President Obama Warms Up To Nuclear Power
  3. Afghan surge
  4. Value of human life
  5. Republican Senators Oppose Rape Victim Rights
  6. Fort Hood
  7. Tea Party Express; Riding The "Short Bus"
  8. Carbon Dioxide; the numbers for anyone who ever wondered.
  9. Shooting at Fort Hood
  10. Where is the Outrage over Obama`s Spending?
  11. Things are not always what they seem...
  12. America`s Puppet, Karzai Is Handed A Second Term
  13. Arizona and the southwest feeling the effects of Global Warming
  14. Capitalism: A Love Story (Pilots on Food Stamps)
  15. Obama Wins Nobel Prize- WTF?
  16. NBC makes fun of Obama
  17. The Wizard of Beck
  18. Sen. Graham Calls Glen Beck 'A Cynic' And Birthers 'Crazy'
  19. Obama and Aviation
  20. So, What do you think Iran is really up to?
  21. Health Care: Astounding Republican Hypocrisy
  22. America`s Support For Public Option Increasing
  23. September 11th, 2001: Not Really A Big Deal?
  24. Much Thanks Jonathan!
  25. A Dangerous Kind of Hate
  26. 9.12.09 Tea Baggers
  27. Does Israel Risk Becoming What They Fight Against?
  28. What did you really think about Ted Kennedy?
  29. California Wildfires
  30. Universal Healthcare Explained
  31. Rest In Peace Ted Kennedy
  32. America, We Are In Serious Trouble

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