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Cool Taxiing to a cargo facility in FSX

Hi! I was just wondering if there was a way to make the atc tell me to taxi my UPS Boeing 747-400 to a cargo ramp at an airport. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Very unlikely. It used to be easier to get a GA plane on cargo and airline ramps, but now 99% of the airports out there won't let you anywhere but the GA ramp. I often fly airline mechanics and parts and they always want me to park at the plane. Even though we fly under an airline code we are still not allowed most times on the airline ramp.
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Hey Jake, I'm assuming by your title you are referring to Flight Simulator 10, right?

If so, there is a "Flight Sim" section on this forum where you'd probably get a much faster answer.

I know in FS9, the AFCAD program by Lee Swordy used to be a great tool to make things like that happen. You could actually create the ramp you wanted them to park at, with the runway you wanted them to use, connected by select taxiways, then overlay it on top of an existing airport. Then, set the unique name of the new "airport" in the flight plans of your cargo company, and they would taxi there. However, in FS10, I don't believe that AFCAD ever got up and running. If I'm not mistaken, Lee never came out with a version for FS10, and no one ever "cracked" it to work.

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I'm not pretty sure if it works, but you can also edit the aircraft.cfg file, and in the section "parking" you type "cargo" instead of gate.

Tell me if you can't

Have a nice flight !!
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