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Taxiing to a cargo facility in FSX

Hi! I was just wondering if there was a way, in FSX, to make the atc tell me to taxi my UPS Boeing 747-400 to a cargo ramp. Thanks!
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Hey Jake,

Sorry for posting again to the same question.

Does anyone know if AFCAD has been modified for FS10 yet?

You used to be able to assign a code to a ramp parking spot, and put that same code against a paint job for a plane, making it marry up to the parking spot.

Or, you could break up your airport using AFCAD, and have "multiple airfields" on the same location, giving only certain planes options to go to only certain places. I once created my Air Force training base of Laughlin AFB to do this. Laughlin has three parallel runways, each one used by a different airplane in real life. The runway that the T-6's used was set to one airport i.e. "DLF1." It only had one runway, and a set of taxiways and just the ramp they used to park on in one AFCAD file. The middle runway, for the T-1's was airport number two, labeled "DLF2," and the T-38's on "DLF3." So, to the viewer, it looked like all three runways at Laughlin were using the proper runways, but in reality, they were three airfield all overlapped on each other.

These are the only two ways I know to do what you are asking, and they were VERY possible in FS9 with AFCAD.

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