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Question ILS Landings

Is there a way to do an ILS landing/approach in a fighter jet in FSX?? If there's a way, how in the world do you do it?? I'm trying to do an ILS landing/approach in an F-22A Raptor from Abacus Fighter Pilot 2. Any help would be very appreciated!
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are you fimiliar with how to do it in a commercial airliner/ small prop? you really should start there. fighters are WAY more complex, and it is better to start off simple and work your way up. I would also suggest taking some of the lessons in the Learning Center.
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Use the FSX help and training section.
There are also a lot of tutorials on youtube.

ILS landings can take time to master.
There are also three different CAT approaches
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You need to know what an ILS approach is and how to fly on a simple slow plane first (take the C172).

Than practice on a turboprop (kingair?) , then move on to a lighter jet, something like CRJ.
When you are good with those, read the instructions for the particular model on how to tune the frequency and the ILS approach course, find the appropriate chart and go for it
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Military jets are like hot babies: complicated! You need an AoA indicator to perform a proper landing and to calculate the approach speed based on you fuel on board and weight but without an aircraft manula this is complicated. People land in any case using just the AOA indicator.
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