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Post List of all Simulators

Hello! I just came in and this is my first thread in the forum.

I thought it would be great to have a complete list of ALL sims out there. As a former pilot (PPL) I always knew the MSFS since day 1, but then discovered X-Plane and Flight Gear.

So if you can help to add a (PC-based) sim to the list and write a view lines about what is good about it, it would be great.....ok I tell you what I know so far:

F-SIM (iPhone only, very realistic though)
Elite (IFR only?)

Is that all or is thre anything else? I guess there was one more but can't remember...something with an L.... ?
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Well, you got the entire MSFS series, and lets not forget its counterpart: Microsoft Flight Combat simulator.

3. Falcon 4.0 series
4. Lock On?
Then you had that time in the late '90s and early '00s where everyone was coming out with spespific aircraft sims... (F-15, F-18 and so on [like Falcon 4.0 series])

There seemes to be way more combat sims... but my guess is that is because MSFS has cornered the market in civilian sims... Anyone got any more ideas?
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