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How long does it take to obtain commercial pilot license?

How many licenses do i have to go through to get to a commrecial pilot license. how long does it take? and wat age do i begin from?
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You will need to go through through the Private pilot rating, then the Instrument rating, then the commercial rating, It will consist of 250 hours, so its depending how much time you want to commit a day to flying. Average full time students take around 9-12 months, to get all the ratings? It took me 6 months flying on the weekends to get my private pilots license, then I went full time flying and got all my other ratings (Commercial, Multi Instrument and all my Flight Instructor ratings) in 3 months.
You can start you training at any age, however you need to be 16 to solo, 17 for your private pilots license, and 18 for your commercial rating.
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To add to what Fly_Unity said:

While unusual, you can get the commercial without an instrument rating, but the limitations make it less than practical. I have heard of it however in cases of crop dusting or glider / banner towing and parachute jumpers. Some do this due to finances. One advantage to this would be if an individual had a "shoe in" somewhere and could get their instrument rating done cheaper as an employee.
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Isn't multi engine before commercial?
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no , it all depends on what type of school you do it in.... 141 schools are different than part 91. you dont have to do any multi to get a commercial license.

the way most people do it, is get the private , and time build doing other ratings(250 TT for commercial) like instrument, multi etc. then take the commercial checkride once all the hour requirements are satisfied.
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ok I see. thanks
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A way of combining things (I did it this way) is to combine the multi rating and the commercial checkride. The multi acts as a complex airplane. The only hazard is that if you bust the multi, you've of course busted the commercial as well.

Also, in response to the original question, you should know that there's a difference between a commercial pilot certificate and the airline transport pilot certificate that most airlines and regional airlines require for employment. So if you're interested in airline flying, you're talking about a whole different ball game.
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I was talking with an engineering student about taking flying lessons. I told him that he could get a commercial license at a Part 141 school in around 160 hours. He looked at me and said; "wow, that's just under 7 days. Where do I sign up?"
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