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Bad instructor in NZ

From AvWeb:

The former director of a flight school in New Zealand, Ravindra Pal Singh, 65, has been found guilty by a local District Court judge of separately assaulting two student pilots while providing instruction to them in the air. One student testified that Singh had slapped him in the face and pushed his head into the side of the cockpit. Another student said Singh elbowed her on several flights and raised his hand above her head in a manner that was threatening. Singh argued that the accusations were levied by poorly performing students who were in the county on visas that he was not inclined help extend. The judge disagreed with Singh's account in spite of the fact that an arrest warrant has been issued for a third accuser.

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Only once have I had to get physical with a student. We were doing stalls and the student froze on the controls with the yoke full aft. The student would not allow me to take control of the aircraft until I hit him (a strong nudge to the side of the body). By the way, very happy to have TAF back.
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Best way to take over the A/C from a Student

i have only had to "yank" the control from a student once but this method works without ever touching a student.

swing your hand toward the front of their face and quickly. stop short of actually hitting their face which should be easy because most people instinctively react by bringing their hands up to block the incoming object (i.e. your hand)

haha you now have control!
if that doesn't work just yell "Don't Look, We are Going Down" they will want to cover their eyes with their hands.

last resort... a quick jab to the side. a sore rib is better than death!

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I know a few old school Air Force pilots that could take their instructors to court over stuff like this!! LOL!!

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Yeah they build em tough here in NZ... so many mountains to bang into that it's better to teach students with a few bruises.... better to duck the instructor than a mountain... ha-ha

Seriously though the guy has a hysteria problem... perhaps not a psychologically fit and proper person to be in civil aviation?

What's that they say... those who can do, those who can't teach?
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One month ago, I had an experience with an abusive/unstable instructor.

I was doing a checkout on Turbo Lance, and they guy acted from the start as if I was taking him by force and trying to kill him. He talked non stop, instead of 'teaching' acted aggressively, made abusive derogatory remarks. Little he knew I was recording everything on GoPro, including the audio and the forward cockpit view.

At the he told me that I can't fly the plane, and he would be happy to provide three hours of ground school, than minimum three hours of flight instruction, and then he will see if he will sign me off. His attitude quickly changed when I told him about the recording and that we could go park the plane and discuss the flight to see what exactly did I do wrong. He offered not to charge for his time that day, NOT TO CHARGE for the plane and refused to do anything else with me.

My overall impression was that he was either unfit to be instructor (and I told him so as well, because I had never been so 'abused' by any instructor and I have several checkouts on different types of planes), or they just didn't want to rent the plane out - plane and simple.

Needless to say I don't fly with that school.

I am checked out and actively flying Cherokee 6, and Turbo Seneca, all I needed was his guidance and advise during the checkout.
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I remember on short finals once with a grumpy old instructor, his name was bill Coulter and he was 71 years old still flying back then.

Anywayz on short finals this damn seagull was in front of me tracking down the centreline as i crossed the fence and I jinxed first left then right trying to avoid this bird and it would'nt get out of my way. I still remember that bird looking over its shoulder at me too.

Finally with the stall horn beeping and neither me nor the bird getting anywhere fast, Bill shouted, forget the bloody bird and land the damn plane ... ha-ha

God Bless you Bill and sorry.
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