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DIY Electric airplane?

Everything is going to be build from my workshop, Electric motor, Speed controller... Nothing to technical, But I was wondering how to calculate the wing size for the weight of over 200 pounds. Motor is going to pull over 500 pounds of weight at full throttle. Wing is going to be made out of carbon fiber, And some graphene super capacitor battery. (Graphene can be made with graphite oxide and put in a dvd burner, Which creates graphene, Or you could use chemical reduction.)

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I hope this is a joke!
No Electric motor in the market combined with available battery options will be light enough for you to pull this off. Also AS you can see you are going to design your own airfoils.
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Hope you do know that graphene is light and holds more energy than a lithium ion battery... Holds 10 times more energy that lithium ions.

Graphene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Is that 200 lbs the all up weight or the 500 lbs? Seems like you might be better off starting with something like an ultralight glider and modifying it with an electric motor and batteries.

It would be pretty trivial to buy a couple electric motors , along with speed controllers and a big stack of lithium batteries. Good enough for about 20 HP per motor anyway, a pair for redundancy and enough power to get you moving. That's just using cheap RC gear and about $2,000 US, weigh under 50 lbs.

Flight time might be about 5 minutes.
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