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I had no idea I was in violation

Hey all,

I've been out of the biz for many years. Very recently I became current and already, right out of the box, I was sent a letter from the FAA informing me that I was in violation when I flew as PIC from MIA over to FMY.

As if learning how to use GPS wasn't bad enough, I come to find out that when I took my friends over to FMY I was in violation of floatation gear rules. How long has it been a violation to fly over Everglades without gear? Can't find any info on my recent violation.
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This better not be a trolling post.
Before I even waste time on looking up anything, I would like to know kw how the hell did FAA find out you didn't have flotation gear. And if you want more help (or do you at all), post here the letter from FAA
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