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TAF Forum Rules & Acceptable Use Policy

TAF is meant for the enjoyment of all those who visit. By using The Aviation Forum, you consent to these rules and are legally bound by them. To aid in this pursuit, these rules are enforced:
  • Spammers and bots will be banned immediately, no questions asked. Don't waste your time.

  • No profanity! Use of other expletives will also not be tolerated. These forums use language filters. You will not use alternative characters (i.e. as @ for Ďaí), or vBulletin codes to try to bypass or confuse the filters.

  • Explicit sexual references or references to sexual acts will not be tolerated.

  • No personal attacks on other members are allowed. You may disagree with them, but personal abuse will not be tolerated.

  • Civility is required. Inflammatory content for its own sake will be removed and its poster will be reprimanded.

  • You may not start a thread with the purpose of discussing any single member or groups of members. If you wish to engage in discussions of this type, use the Private Messaging System.

  • Reasonable grammar, spelling, and use of vocabulary is expected. Please read what you write BEFORE you post.

  • The use of abbreviations that promote laziness (U, r, L8r etc) is not acceptable, but standard internet abbreviations (LOL, IMO, etc.) are acceptable.

  • These forums are owned by and its administrator, but posters shall be liable for their own posts, so copyrighted material, and libel/slander, etc., is at the poster's risk. That said, any posts flagrantly in abuse of common laws will be amended/deleted at the sole discretion of Aviation Forumís Administration/Moderation Team.

  • Posting confidential information relating to another member without their express permission will not be tolerated. Confidential information is any information that cannot be obtained by viewing a user's profile page.

  • You may not post any text contained within a Private Message that has been sent to you, unless it is with the explicit permission of the sender.

  • You may not knowingly post any information that is misleading, or inaccurate.

  • You may not knowingly post anything that discusses or facilitates illegal activities, or propagates information about illegal activities.

  • You will not use these forums to facilitate access to, or propagate, any illegal content or substance of any form including, but not limited to, any form of copyrighted material.

  • You will not post advertisements, chain letters, or spam of any kind. You may not use the Aviation Forum for any commercial gain or advantage, without the express permission of the administrator.

  • Posing as someone other than yourself is forbidden.

  • You will, if requested, assist completely in any legal investigation that may pertain to material you or other members have posted on these forums.

  • These forums are not public domain, therefore the administrator has sole discretion regarding creation and application of these rules. Changes to the rules will be announced in the News & Announcements forum. It is up to members to remain aware of the rules at all times.

  • You will, if asked by a member of the The Aviation Forumís Administration/Moderation Team, immediately cease posting any material of any kind which may or may not be covered under this document.

  • The Aviation Forumís Administration/Moderation Team retains sole discretion regarding action to be taken in the event of rules being breached. This may include suspension/removal of membership, or other measures as deemed fit at the time.

  • The administrator retains sole discretion regarding appointment and retention of moderators. Please do not ask to become a moderator, as The Aviation Forum will contact prospective moderators directly at their discretion and convenience.

These rules are here to protect the members and the forums.

In the event of any dispute regarding the rules or their application, the The Aviation Forumís Administration/Moderation Team has full decision-making power.

Additional Information
  • Any posts to any The Aviation Forum immediately become viewable by all forum members, and you should therefore take care not to reveal information that you consider to be private.

  • The Aviation Forum cannot be held responsible for one user posting confidential information about another on the forums. However, this act is specifically forbidden in the forum rules. Should you encounter a violation of this rule, please notify The Aviation Forumís Administration/Moderation Team so that the information in question can be removed.

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I ask everyone to review these rules!
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