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Originally Posted by Journeyman View Post
I have a Lightspeed Zulu and I couldn't ask for a better headset, comfortable and quiet. It also has blue tooth for my phone and various different settings allowing me to adjust the sound for music. To be honest though I don't listen to music when I'm flying, I do when I'm a passenger, I just feel it takes away your focus from the task at hand.
I agree, I absolutely LOVE my Lightspeed Zulu. It is pricey, but I felt my hearing is worth it. I chose it over the Bose (and yes, I have flown with the Bose on numerous occasions) for price, the ability to plug in my iPod, and reviews. Upon receiving it, I was blown away. It's so comfortable! When I'm flying our Phenom and wearing the Zulu, it's so quiet. The Phenom is already a quiet jet, but ANR does wonders.

RuggedAir, if you can add an ANR to your line, go for it. If you can add a well-made, good-quality ANR in the $400-500 range (give or take), I think you'll have some lookers. It seems that ANR headsets are either TONS of money (and work wonderfully), or are cheaper and work "ho-hum."

Of course, this is all my humble opinion.
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