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I have several hundred hours in each of the Bose, Zulus, and DC 10.13? ANR

Bose is by far # 1 When listening to music they have better bass, a better mic, and a lighter grip on the head. Downside, No Bluetooth (My Boss's plane has both the Zulu and Bose and were both always fighting for the Bose ha)

Zulu # 2. They have a better ear piece in my opinion then the Bose, and they got Bluetooth. Downside, Mic sensitivity isnt that great, and sound quality dont quite match the Bose.

David Clark # 3. Good headset for the price. Built solid too. Best Passive headset. Downside: clamps hard on your head and you really feel it after 8 hours .

I wont ever use anything other then ANR if I got a choice My goal is to keep my hearing.
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