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Originally Posted by Fly_Unity View Post
Bose is by far # 1 When listening to music they have better bass, a better mic, and a lighter grip on the head. Downside, No Bluetooth (My Boss's plane has both the Zulu and Bose and were both always fighting for the Bose ha)

Zulu # 2. They have a better ear piece in my opinion then the Bose, and they got Bluetooth. Downside, Mic sensitivity isnt that great, and sound quality dont quite match the Bose...
From what I've heard, Zulu isn't far behind Bose, but Bose costs a couple of hundred more (I don't really care about bluetooth or listening to music).

Your comment about mike sensitivity interests me, though, Fly_Unity, because I will be using it in an Islander, and I'm wondering if that will be good or bad. If it is not as sensitive, does that mean that it won't pick up the engine noise (yay!), or that I will have to crank the squelch for normal speech so that it will be more prone to pick up engine noise ?

If I fly a lot on a given day, my Dave Clark does indeed start to get tiring. Most notably, I am currently wearing braces to correct a jaw problem, and prior to that had a fair bit of jaw pain where it clamped on right at the jaw joint. That problem is almost corrected, but t'other day after a long day, I was a bit sore in my jaw still, so the clamping is not good.

I just noticed lately, though, that I'm starting to hear the engine noise more, so I am concened about long term hearing loss if my headset is no longer doing its job.

Boy, a new headset sure is expensive, though
(if anybody knows about any sales, let me know)
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