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Originally Posted by Bluenose View Post
Mostly the company and how durable the headset is for the long term. I am pretty careful of my headset as well - always have it in its case, albeit a soft one (not like the hard one that my co-worker has his new Lightspeed in).

My (non-ANR) David Clark is really good - I've had for over 10 years (maybe 15 - can't even remember), but I know a guy who had the DC ANR, and the little box that does the ANR is just a box full of parts (for quite some time). It sounds like a maraqua (sp?). He's pretty tough on headsets, but still - it concerns me that it would just fall apart inside, so I think I'll stay away from DC ANR.
I think the earlier, pre-Zulu LightSpeeds had issues, which is one reason I was hesitant with the Zulu and almost went with the Bose. However, after reading lots of reviews, everyone had said that issues had been fixed with the introduction of the Zulu and that it was a quality piece. I'd agree!

Also, regarding the mic sensitivity, I've never had any issues at all with mine. I speak in my normal voice, same as I did in the DC, Bose and Senheiser (sp?!?!) and it's all the same. For reference, I've worn them in piston singles (Bonanza/C206), C-90s, King Air 350s, Citation 500s, Beechjets and the Phenom 100.

One thing I like about the Zulu over the Bose, since speaking of music, is that the Zulu has the adapter for the iPod, where the Bose doesn't (or didn't, maybe they do now?).
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