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I have the Sennheisers, and while they perform decently, I have had some annoying popping on engine beats. It's most prevalent during takeoff in the Cherokees I fly. My guess is that it's the noise-measuring microphone being overloaded and sending a clipped (then inverted) signal to the speaker. I say this because it's mainly in the left ear, which of course is closest to the window.

I think this set was only about $500, so I'll probably get a better one and use this for passengers. These offer very little passive noise-sealing. If the ANR fails, I don't know that these will be of much use. The other issue (and this is almost unforgivably bad design) is that there's no auto-shutoff, despite the on/off switch being a momentary pushbutton. You WILL waste two AA batteries after many a flight, so you can't fly without extras in the storage case.

Sound quality is good, though, and the cord includes an input for a cell phone or iPod.

It would be nice if these headsets came with two detachable cords, one for use while flying and then a shorter & thinner one for just listening to music when you're flying as a passenger on a commercial flight.

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