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I tried out a Bose Aviation X and a Lightspeed Zulu before I bought Bose. The difference in sound quality was marginal.

On the plus side for Lightspeed Zulu was Bluetooth and the ability to plug in your music player. On its minus was the huge hard case.

What decided me was the fact that Bose was offering zero percent APR financing for 12 months. I believe you can get this still if you buy from a Bose store. I don't use the Bose case either. I just fold the headset and put it inside my Brightline pilot bag. I think the Bose folds more compact, and I couldn't have done this with the Zulu.

I am told that the Telex ANR sets are pretty good too. Never tried them on, but I didn't like the look of the massive ear cups and hence the Micky Mouse look of the wearer.

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