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So the never ending debate continues. I am getting closer and closer to starting my PPL training, and want to start headset shopping. A little background....I am getting my PPL strictly for recreation. I've always preferred to pay a little extra for quality up front. If I had the means I would love to get a Bose/Zulu, but that's just not an option. I do know that I want ANR. So with that said what would you guys recommend for a good entry level headset? Are there some brands that are generic version of the spendier name brands? Thanks for the help.
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I'm a fan of David Clark. I bought the H10-13X ANR headset and have been pretty happy with it.

Lightspeed might have a good offering at a cheaper price though for entry level.
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Which is better to buy, though - a better quality non-ANR, or a cheaper ANR? (I was thinking that they would be of comparable price)

I think that I would lean toward the better quality non-ANR, such as David Clark (I've heard that the DC ANR may have some problems)
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I have a set of just normal, bare bones, david clarks that I used to wear. (10-13 I believe) They're not ANR, but personally, I really like them. I would deffinately recomend something like that. If you're looking for added protection, you can always wear some of those foam ear plugs underneath the DCs.
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Just starting PPL... go for a DC you can't go wrong. Later on you might want to spend more on an ANR but theres no point in spending 400-700 if you are only going to be flying around 4-5 hours a month.
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DC ANR sucks so bad I couldnt even type words bad enough to describe it. I tried the X-11 hoping it would live up to the DC name and it sure as heck didnt.

Everyone is different, but I get headaches on long flights and having a good ANR has helped 10 fold, not to mention communication is so much easier ,my ears are not getting destroyed, plus with my Zulu I can listen to white snake while doing aerobatics, how can you beat that!?

Its impossible for somebody to recommend which route to go, if you have the money and know you love flying and will do it regularly then go ANR for sure. There is no debate whether or not they are better than passive headsets so if you have the budget get them. If you are a student, not quite sure if flying is for you, and you find yourself putting weird and exotic toppings on your top ramen because thats all you can afford while flying, then get a passive.

If you plan on getting ANR, I have owned both the Bose Aviation X, and the Lightspeed Zulu. I sold the Bose because I had a bunch of problems with them. I LOOOOOVE my Zulu's.

If passive is your choice the H10-13 from DC is ok. I have really loved all my passive Peltor headsets, more so than the DC actually.
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