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Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
My understanding is the new release has terrain avoidance!? I've been using it for VFR flight in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast and it's a gamechanger. I'm hooked.
It's absolutely awesome, they are just missing a stop watch

I am going to buy IN=B004M3BICU external GPS, it's priced good and provides uninterrupted GPS coverage throughout the flight.
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Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
Anyone using ForeFlight with the iPad Mini?
Affirmative. I fly with a full-size ipad 2 64 GB mounted to the yoke and have Forflight and WingX (I recently siwtched to WingX for its wider hardware compatibility) as well as many other aviation apps.

But I also have FF on my wife's full-size ipad and also on a backup ipad mini (on which my kids are usually watching movies we download from itunes). Part 91 guys likeme don't have to carry paper - the ipad maps and plates are legal. And since ForeFlight lets you install on multiple devices without paying extra, it is easy enough to have a backup.

If backup juice is the main concern, I would recommend a simple $75 solution, which is a battery pack capable of charging the ipad **with the screen ON** (it delivers the required 2 amps). It is made by NewTrent and the one I bought was the IMP120D 1200 mAh external battery. I can plug in my ipad and SageTech Clarity SV and fly all day with no loss of charge.

I started flying in 1995 and I owned an older 172. By comparison, flight planning is vastly better today with all the real-time data available right where you are (even in flight with ADS-B). I stepped out of flying for many years because it was just such a pain in the butt to do all the things pilots must do to responsibly execute a flight. The pain:fun ratio was too high.

But the ipad and all it offers got me excited about flying again. I could do all the flight planning super quickly and have more information than ever right in my hand with precise situational awareness at all times. That left more time for the fun stuff. So I recently bought back into flying and it is better than ever.

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Petrolero, do you file flight plans using ForeFlight? I haven't experimented with that function yet. How about you, Vlad?

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