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Aircraft hire

I am a french pilot looking for some informations on aircraft hire in northern and center Australia for next july or august.
I am a french PPL holder with instructor rating (3 000 hours).
I am looking for a plane the C182 class.
Can anybody give me some information.
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Welcome to TAF and PM TRIVIEN, a Vietnamese kid that is living in Austrailia.

Sincerely your friend: IGIVEUP.
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PNW Flying
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Um, ok.

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Re: Panel 32W, Line 051 on SE Asia Wall

Originally posted by GRT15
My Uncle Charles Earl Schoolcraft was, according to Army records at least, run over by a US Army half-track ARMORED TRUCK at Tuyen Duc, Vietnam on February 17th of 1969, Chinese New Years Day. Do you believe THAT?

Check out the So Long unmanned aerial vehicle ( 4 megapixel spy plane ) at

Visit ( made in Hanoi with help from David Seymour at Asian Phoenix Resources, Ltd. in Victoria )

Remember the Spring of 2001 Chinese Hainan Island & Navy EP-3 spy plane incident? Search-Engine it if you don't recall. The whole point of this news report was to show Americans leaving China ( may as well have been Vietnam ) on a commercial flight out. Very suggestive on the over 2,200 who were abandoned there on April 30th of 1975, eh? I turned 8 that year. Far more than 24 Americans will be about age 57 on average when they are released

Phone 1 (808) 875-6589 if you can help
What the ---- does this have to do with the "price of rice in China" or Vietnam or anything at all....really?

Call 800-969-6642 if you need help.
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Rice... did someone say rice???????? My father owns a farm and produces 10 or so million pounds a year of Texas' best. As far as aircraft in australia go. My teacher flew there a lot and he told me it is hell on earth tracking from one nav aid to another. said the VOR signals are so few and far between that you track one till it goes out the guestimate until you hit the other one a good hour later of "blind" flying! sound fun though I want to try
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Sounds like a perfect place for a GPS, though, everyone here seems to hate them.
'15000 atheists in London rioted after a blank sheet of paper was found on a cartoonist's desk'

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Hello Alain, if you really want to fly 182s in Australia you should be able to find an instructor job in any of the big towns. I can not imagine that these jobs would pay you enough to get by..but you may have inherited alot of money or something. If you find a great job flying 182s I would love to join you over there. Keep us posted.

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