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For Sale: Aviator helmet

For Sale $1200
Pilotís flight helmetóGen-Tex HGU-55E helmet with Gen-Tex MBU-12B oxygen mask
Military-style hard helmet with tinted visor, Gen-Tex mil-spec (USAF) oxygen mask, wired for general aviation or military comm. radios. Microphones are in the oxygen mask and on an adjustable boom mounted on the helmet. Oxygen hose fits standard military style quick release systems. Leather lining and chin strap. Top liner is removable to custom fit the helmet using foam inserts. This helmet is in like-new condition. No scratches on visor or shell. It has all the options installed and is ready for use. Not a military surplus unit. Visor can be changed to install a clear or colored eye shield. Replacement parts and service for this helmet are available from Flight Suits Ltd. El Cajon, California.

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Send me a private message if you are interested in purchasing this helmet. It's a bargain price compared with buying a new one from the same manufacturer.
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The real thing, and for a bargain, too! I'd take it but I already have one that the AF gave me. Good luck.
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I love Delta Airlines :D
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I'd look soo cool in that in my Cessna hahhaha
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