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I got an email recently from someone who started a FREE website for pilots. It shows mostly restaurants right now, but looks like they have plans to add all kinds of stuff including fly-ins. Its better organized than other sites because it uses maps to show where things are located with respect to your home airport. You can change your flying range to see everything within an easy flight of you. Pretty cool concept. It also has the best airport directory I have seen, again listing airports on the map so you can easily see where they are before you drill into their details. And its free with no ads! Finally somebody developed a better way than a blog to to share pilot hotspots! Check it out.
Here's the link.
OneTankFlights - Discover, Fly, Share!
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Someone who posts for the very first time touting a website he just happened to come across always hits me as a spammer.

It must be me.
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not spam...just a good free site....thought you would want to see it.

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Visited the website, but it requires you to register, so I didn't bother...

It should be open for anyone to browse, but require registration only if you want to post or update info...

If you want more participation, take off the required registration!!

Like this site...

Adventure Pilot

It is free; lets anyone browse/search immediately; has a registered users option for posting, etc.. ; can search a particular radius from any airport; lists restaurants, museums, campsites, airshows, golf courses, etc...

It is the best free $100 hamburger site there is...
.................................................. ...................................
Or you can try the real $100 But it is not free...

Oh, and welcome to the forums!
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