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[ANDROID APP]: Flight Gear

Flight Gear is an all-in-one Android app that contains backup flight instruments, important calculators, and other useful utilities for pilots. Instead of having to download and pay for multiple aviation apps, pilots can simply download this single app as a consolidated source for all their needs.

  • Airport Facility Directory -- Comes with a complete directory of all the information that the FAA publishes for US airports. The directory is built into the app and is available for offline use (no internet required). It includes information such as airport hours, radio frequencies, obstacles, runway diagrams, and other miscellaneous information.
  • Photorealistic Attitude Indicator (Uses gyroscope/accelerometer). Can serve as a backup instrument in case your cockpit instrument fails.
  • Photorealistic Heading Indicator.
  • Weight & Balance calculator. Instead of having to calculate your moments and CG by hand every time you fly, you can simply save your aircraft's profile (Empty weight, CG Limits, Fuel Consumption, Arm Lengths, etc) and reuse the data that doesn't change. The app will also alert you if you go out of your aircraft's CG Limits or Max Takeoff Weight. Supports multiple aircraft.
  • Handy E6B Calculator functions. Enter your values and the tool will convert them to every type of parameter that it can think of. Currently includes Wind Correction Angle, Crosswind Calculator, distance, volume (Jet A1, Jet A, and AVGAS 100LL), True Airspeed Conversion, and Speed. If you'd like to see another tool added, please email or PM me!
  • Fuel timer. Use it as a supplement to your fuel gauges to estimate how much time you left in the air. Enter your total tank capacity, current fuel levels and your GPH rating. The app will start a countdown timer and also automatically alert you when you have 30 mins left.
  • Flight timer. A simple and attractive alternative to having to carry around another gadget with you whenever you fly. Displays Zulu Time underneath the Elapsed Flight Time for quick reference.
  • Dashboard: View your Attitude Indicator, Heading Indicator, Fuel Timer, and Flight Timer all in one screen.
  • Auto ATC Notepad [BETA]: Currently in BETA, but it works relatively well. Whenever you get a call from ATC, simply tap on the record button and everything you readback to ATC will be transcribed onto the app. Again, this feature is still being trained to understand every type of Aviation lingo so it may be a bit off at times.
  • Manual ATC Notepad: If the Auto ATC Notepad isn't a viable option for you, you can simply set your assigned instructions in this tool by swiping through the most common parameters (altitude, speed, heading). You can also take miscellaneous notes in the same tool if ATC gives you special instructions.
Since this app just came out, I'm definitely open for suggestions and improvements. If you'd like to see a certain feature implemented or changed, email me at or PM me.

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Hi FlightGear - welcome to TAF, and thanks for letting us know about your product. Do you have a side by side comparison with ForeFlight? What's your business model? How do you deal with the potential liability of claiming that the "attitude indicator" can serve as a backup?

Maybe someone at TAF would like to take the app for a spin and write a review.

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Hi Jonathan,

I don't think ForeFlight and FlightGear can really be compared to each other. ForeFlight focuses mainly on navigation, maps, and real time data that pilots need while flying. On the other hand, FlightGear aims to simplify the operations that pilots do every time they fly.

For example, the Weight & Balance calculator greatly reduces the time that it takes to ensure that an aircraft is within it's flight limits. Without the app, pilots would need to pull out their calculators, calculate the necessary weights and moments, and then check it against their CG envelopes. FlightGear takes over all the tedious parts to this operation and boils the process down to simply entering a few numbers. The app will alert you you if you go out of your limits so its not even necessary to refer back to your CG envelopes.

In terms of claiming that the ADI can serve as a backup instrument, the pilot will always be the one who is responsible for his/her aircraft. When the user first starts the app, he/she is presented with a disclaimer message and an "Agree"/"Disagree" button. They aren't allowed to use the app until they hit the "Agree" button.

And yes, it would be really awesome if someone could write a review about the app. If anyone is interested, I'd be more than happy to send you a free copy of the full version (and provide future updates for free).

Feel free to send me comments/criticism on the app! I'm open to improving it and making it better fit your guys' needs as pilots.
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